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Course – Learn

One-to-One 10-Week Writing Course:

  • Characterisation – How to create effective and workable fictional characters – using them to their fullest potential to support and develop your writing.
  • Plot – How to get a great plot. Seven basic plots – Hero’s Journey – Plot arcs. Sub plots.
  • Show Not Tell – Make your writing viable and alive through descriptive sensory techniques. How to use conflict to grow your writing along with suspense.
  • Outlining – How to work on your writing with the best structure possible using tried and tested methods to achieve success.
  • Dialogue – How it works effectively. How to form your voice and narrative with what works for you. Viewpoints and challenges.
  • Grammar – Common mistakes, syntax and all you will ever need to know.
  • Poetry – Word crafting through sounds, rhythms, speech – Metaphysical/Modern/Haikus.
  • First Drafts and Mistakes – The point where you need to keep going on and the how to avoid the most common mistakes in writing.
  • Script Writing – An approach to writing for screen and stage. How to achieve success.


  • Write-To-Publish Course Manual.
  • Evaluation of your Manuscript (if any).
  • The Write Space Completion Certificate.

 Adults: 18+ of age – Class Size:  One-to-One (maximum 3 – on request only)