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Erika Rogantini

Creative Manager

Erika has seventeen years international experience in the design industry.

Erika worked for several reputed design agencies in Milan, the communication and style capital of Italy. In May 2005 she moved to Dublin where she began working for several local agencies prior to being headhunted in 2007 by Graffiti Design Ltd.

In a very short period of time she became an essential part of Graffiti Design (now Creativerin Design) which expanded their portfolio with her strong no-nonsense approach and flair. Under Erika’s direction, a wide variety of projects were managed, spanning Corporate Branding, Annual Reports and Promotional Materials to Point of Sales.

Erika is bringing to PubliBook Ireland her main driving force – her passion for the design industry. This impetus and fresh energy which she applies in every project she undertakes, will resonate in Ireland’s Publishing Industry.

“Visuals should never overpower your work but subtly and uniquely complement it from the bottom up. That is why at PubliBook Ireland, we work closely with our authors and corporate clients to infuse in every book and project we produce, our passion for design and to unlock the full power of their writing,”states Erika.