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Editorial Services

We provide a customised editorial approach to your business or voluntary and community work that includes all the services required to fulfil the most demanding of environment. They include:

– Meeting on site
– Research
– Interviews
– Photography
– Full Writing

Our editorial team can make an appointment with you and discuss your vision, assessing how we can achieve the best possible clarity and effectiveness to deliver home your message.

Our editors have worked in professional editorial roles with respected publications over the past thirty years, in the health and tourism industry – the Irish motor industry – in economic trade development – health and safety – commercial branding and business profiling.

Our editors have also worked for national business newspapers and are au fait about what it takes to make a clear and personal prose stand out. We have a flair for finding the correct voice for your message and branding, along with knowing the best method of delivery of your publication to your target audience and beyond.

What makes us different from other publishing houses, is our personal approach. We meet with you and discuss what is needed. We make every editorial decision based solely on how it is going to meet your demands and your standards.