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Tick Tock Time by The Clock

Chrisdina Nixon from Carrigallen, County Leitrim, is finding popular acclaim with her debut novel, Time by The Clock, she has already been praised as an unexpected talent with a confident writing style laced with snippets of another time which draws on the writer’s own memory.

The sudden impulse to write the story came to the author last summer while she was recovering from a knee operation. Chrisdina’s teenage daughter Maeve had taken a photo of a clock. It had reminded her of one belonging to her paternal grandmother.

Chrisdina claims the clock ticked so loud it had scared her as a child. “I hated the clock,” she recalls. Years later, her grandmother gave it to her as a present. This memory brought her father and grandmother to mind and the seed of Time by The Clock was germinated. “I want the reader of Time by the Clock to be as curious as I was when it first emerged in my mind,” says Chrisdina.

A heart-rendering backdrop forms the tension in the novel. The main character is a young girl who suspects her father may have raped and killed young girls. It follows the characters sudden realisation of where they are and what if anything their fate has in store and how they will live out their lives.

In the story, the main characters of Catherine and a young girl, wake to the dark. Both characters have not slept. They are complete strangers. However, Catherine clings to the cold child and wonders what to pray for. There is a slow realisation that the movements on a clock are irrelevant to the outcome of life. The question throughout is – is it time to stop or end?

One reviewer states: “Chrisdina firmly grabs your attention, then masterfully seduces and abducts your interest as she leads you, line by line, page by page, down the rabbit hole into a dark but parallel world of lies and complicity, tragedy and irrevocable pain.”

The book is dedicated to the author’s children Maeve and Sean and to her brother Loui, whom she says: “never let go of my hand.”

Time by the Clocktime-clock_cov01C

Author: Chrisdina Nixon
Publisher: PubliBook Ireland
Date: 03/2016

Pages: 80
Dimensions (mm):129 x 198
Format: Paperback
ISBN/EAN: 9781909774261

Available also: ePub Download, Mobi (Kindle) Download

Price: RRP €9.30


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