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Time to Take that Step-Up by Upping your Step!

Change your life and become a healthier, fitter dancer! Upping Your Step will help you begin and maintain that journey. “This book aims to give every dancer the chance to become the best that they can be,” writes, Peter O’Grady in his newly published book Upping Your Step.

Since the age of seven years, Peter O’Grady has been on his own personal journey with Irish dancing. He’s now a former All-Ireland and World Irish Dancing Championship competitor. He demonstrates his passion for health, fitness, mind and soul on a daily basis at his training facilities, The Unit Gym and CrossFit, based in Claregalway.  He also works as a sports physical therapist as well as being one of the only strength and conditioning coaches in Ireland who works with Irish dancers. “Do not let anyone put you down, a winner doesn’t give up because they get a poor result. Instead they keep pushing forward,” writes Peter.

He’s spent the last three years, while writing Upping Your Step, travelling Ireland, conducting workshops and seminars, visiting schools and providing one-to-one training to help dancers prepare for competitions. He also offers an online support service, working with dancers from all over the world.

Upping Your Step is easy to read, makes the steps achievable and outlines in glossy colour how each dance can improve your muscle tone and fitness level. It also helps improve strength, stamina and flexibility, along with balance and posture. It features over seventy illustrations of the most effective strength exercises and describes the unique relationship between them and your dance steps.

You will learn how to perform these exercises correctly, in order to target specific areas that need improvement. You will also learn how to develop a personalised training programme to suit your own individual dance schedule. “This information will help you to become a much stronger performer,” says Peter and adds, “If you read the information I have given you and put these simple tips into practice, then you will become the best dancer you can be”. Using this book as a working manual for a better life, Peter suggests the reader focus on the areas that need most attention in dance.

upping-your-step_cov-01PIIUpping Your Step Training for Success in Irish Dancing

Author: Peter O’Grady
Publisher: PubliBook Ireland
Date: 03/2016

Pages: 128
Dimensions (mm):170×240
Format: Paperback
ISBN/EAN: 9781909774254

Price: RRP €49




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