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Santa has come early this year…

… Well at least at PubliBook Ireland. We are delighted to inform you that as we announced few days ago that our engineers have finalized, as planned, before Christmas day, the setting-up of our own dedicated high-end server. All systems go and all our websites are now fully online.

PubliBook Ireland
Published In Ireland // Online Bookstore
Darren Darker Website
Susan McGovern Website
Martin Rafferty Website (under construction)

This 2015, was an eventful year for PubliBook Ireland as we have expanded and better structured our team, streamed-line our production process and expanded our services to cover the whole book publishing and corporate design spectrum. We now offer to all our authors and aspiring talented writers the following additional services:

New selling online presence on Amazon UK & Ireland
Independent online presence – Author’s Website
Professional Social Media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)
Write-To-Publish – One-to-one comprehensive creative writing courses
Book Promo Package with our proactive involvement on the book launch night

In 2016 we are planning the introduction of yet new services and products as PubliBook Ireland goal is to encompass and go beyond Publishing. We want to provide to aspiring and established authors alike, all the professional tools to unlock their creativity as well as to provide “Corporate Ireland” with the full Communication and Editorial Services it needs to stay ahead in the market place.

Enjoy your visit and online experience on our websites while we take our much needed break before we fire up… 2016!

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Best Wishes…

Before we take our break we would like to once again thank all our authors, …