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Whispers of the Soul… Launched in Drogheda and Dublin

Drogheda Launch

With heart-felt words and eloquent sentiments, poet Martin Rafferty launched his new book – “Whispers of the Soul” at the D Hotel, in Drogheda on Friday 27 November 2015.

Speaking at the D Hotel, before a packed audience of family and friends, Martin revealed how he had set out from an early age, to make his life a purpose-filled one, despite hardships. What has emerged through Martin’s understanding of life has been a profound poetic soul, who not only journeys on his own continual search for guidance, but is also an insightful spirit welcoming others.

This book has been the result of many times in contemplation and observance of a life filled with inspirational friends, and family. Martin has crafted this book brimming with soulful sentiments and messages. With gentle words selected for their effect, and dedications, Martin explained that images between the pages described moments in his life and visions from the mind’s eye.

His Introduction in the book summed up his idea. He read: “I pick up my pen and give a voice to the words that record emotions and moods that lie beyond normal language. A language that can only be brought together and described metaphorically.” Martin marked this collection of poems as eclectic. Wide ranging encompassing many different thoughts, reflecting Martin’s own inner consciousness.

“Behind them all however, the essential theme is the same, a longing and searching for the unions with the divine, love and nature,” he added.

“Many times I’ve danced the day and lengthened shadows with words as they sail from the unknown to blank pages of rhyme. I have tried many times to put into words feelings that are deep, important, and yet difficult to name. To tell myself the truth in a beautiful way, that I cannot live without it. I have tried to capture a feeling, a sound and a glimpse of my soul as I wondered the corridors of my mind.”

Martin made a claim that the world sometimes did not see strength in sentiment, but it was a path he chose to take. He continued: “So, I offer these words not quite as the world offers, but as the poets and mystics in the past. I offer them with a profound and genuine heartfelt feeling, so that when the day breaks, the dark shadows of fear and loneliness will depart, and you too might hear the Whispers of the Soul.”

His daughters also read their own poems dedicated to them by their father.

Dublin Launch

It was a nostalgic launch as The Bailey is steeped in history and is no stranger to hosting writers. In fact The Bailey was the famed location where poet Patrick Kavanagh presented Luke Kelly with his poem, and song, Raglan Road. James Joyce and many other famous writers have also given The Bailey a mention in their writings.

This mystical undertone, was totally in keeping with Martin’s soulful launch for family, friends and colleagues. The evening began with Dr. David Louis McGee talking about Martin’s poetry and friendship.

Dr. McGee wrote the Forward to Whispers of the Soul. He spoke elegantly about the flow, depth and content of Martin’s work. “If you enjoy imagery, you will love how Martin captures so much and describes love, nature and The Divine.”

A selection of the poems were read aloud. Ms Aileen Singleton read – Paris Love – a beautiful poem about blossoming love in Paris. Dr. William Flannery, whose own father is a poet, read Visions at Night, while Seamus Noonan enveloped the atmosphere with the enchanting tale, The Ghost of Shakespeare’s Spirit, a wonderful and poetic story about how love never has or will be time’s fool.

The evening concluded with Martin himself reciting a moving poem, to its beloved name-sake, Helen. This was followed with the sad and haunting poem, Come Oh Gentle Death (The Poet Whispered).

The Author

Martin was born in Drogheda in County Louth. He works full-time as a Counselling Therapist in Dublin. His new book is a follow-up to his last Go Gently (as seen on the Late Show). He has two other publications, Spiritual Well-Being and Journey of Life. Martin continues to live in Drogheda with his two daughters Hannah and Laura who he says are his biggest inspiration in life.

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