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PubliBook on Amazon UK & Ireland

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PubliBook Ireland does not usually get involved in distribution per se as we prefer to focus on our main expertise, which is the full creative and production cycle to ensure a top notch quality end-product to frame our authors’ literary work.

Our post-production support cover nonetheless two aspects. The most important Promotional Package (Press Release, A5 Leaflet/Notice, Posters, Electronic Slide Show, Author’s Website, etc.) that is required to ensure a successful Book Launch. And the inclusion of your Book on our online bookstore – Published In Ireland.

For our eBooks we offer the complete online distribution package. For the Kindle format though Amazon and the ePub format through Apple iTunes and 15+ other major online stores.

We are delighted to announce today another important step forward in promoting our Authors’ work. All our paperback catalogue will soon be available on Amazon UK & Ireland at no extra cost to them. This service is now included in all our publishing packages – be it standard or custom tailored to your requirements.

As soon as your book is published we will be posting it online on all our sites as well as on Amazon UK & Ireland at no cost to you. PubliBook Ireland will be doing on your behalf the fulfilment when orders are received and will prepare as per current practice the necessary periodical sales reports. We will deduct, on sales only, our standing handling-fee based on a percentage of the cover price.

Right now we have posted on Amazon the just published Vanished of Susan McGovern (click) and Third Stroke Did It of Dr. Desmond Fennell (click). New authors will be provided this service automatically, we will  be contacting in the next few days all our existing authors to discuss this service with them and to see if they are interested to avail of this extra prestigious distribution channel.

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