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The Sandbox

The Sandbox – Jimmy FeganJimmy Fegan’s debut novel The Sandbox will be launched on 26th June by RTE personality Ronan Collins.

As a young boy raised by his grandmother and uncle Frank Cassidy spent many happy hours playing in the sandbox. Delving into the mass of sand uncovering its hidden surprises.

In an eventful life he has amassed great wealth from his arms dealing business. Unknown to him he has been a puppet manipulated by evil violent people some of whom want him alive for his skills, others who want him dead.

He has been protected by a friendship forged on the battlefields of Europe in the closing days of World War 2. On at least three occasions he has been saved from death not by good luck but by the love and care of the parents he believed had abandoned him.

Now he must make a choice. A choice that can unravel a twisted tale. He is faced with the dilemma of continuing to survive on his wits or trusting the very people he believes betrayed him.

Has the time come to delve into the sand box of his life and risk uncovering its hidden truths ?

The Sand Box is the very human story of two families caught up in the bigotry, sectarianism and violence of Northern Ireland. In his debut novel Jimmy Fegan weaves a powerful story of friendship and enmity, love and hate, hope and despair.

The Sandbox

Author: Jimmy Fegan
Publisher: PubliBook Ireland
Date: 06/2013

Pages: 310
Dimensions (mm): 138 x 216 x 23
Format: Paperback
ISBN/EAN: 9780957425286

Price: RRP €15


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