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Words of inspiration!

I attended an art exhibition last year hosted by a local art group. While admiring one of the beautiful landscapes I was introduced to the artist a lady of 73 years of age. When I asked her how long she had been painting I noticed a trace of an embarrassed smile coming to her lips. “Less than a year.” She replied. “You cant be serious.” I questioned. The embarrassed smile took a firm hold of her features. “Well actually seven months.”

Her story was one that has a familiar ring for most people. All her life she was told she couldn’t draw a straight line. She even believed it herself. Then a friend coaxed her into joining an art group and seven months later her work was on exhibition.

“I could write a book” is a phrase in common usage. So common in fact that the truth of these five words is overlooked. Yes you could write a book. Go and do it and we at PubliBook Ireland will help you publish it.

Its unlikely that you will be the next JK Rawling or E L James (Fifty Shades started as a self published book !) in terms of sales but you will be an author and the world will see your talent.

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