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The Story of… Submitting your Manuscript

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One of our greatest Irish poets Brendan Kennelly in his poem The Story lamented the death of a story teller and the loss of his story.

When Cox died the story died.
Nobody had time to learn the story.
Christmas shrivelled the old year was dust.
The new year nothing special, so much time to be endured.

There are so many stories that have never been told. So many poems written in fading ink consigned to the backs of drawers. So many inspiring memoirs that have never been committed to paper.

Let PubliBook Ireland bring your story, your poetry, your memoir to life in a book. If you have imagined it – write it. If you have written it – let people read it.

Don’t let the old year turn to dust and the new year become so much time to be endured.

At PubliBook Ireland we bring the same dedication, professionalism, imagination and energy to publishing your book that you brought to writing it.

You can submit your manuscript in a variety of formats with the user-friendly upload feature in our Contact Form // Click here.

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